Technical Support Center

Technical Support Center

Our relationship doesn’t end when your ERP implementation is complete.

The support provided after an ERP implementation is complete can be more critical than the actual implementation process itself.

Cumulus Consulting is unmatched in customer loyalty and satisfaction because we honor our promise to provide our customers unparalleled service from the beginning of their implementation projects throughout the life of their systems.

How Cumulus ERP Implementation Support is Different:

  • No support queue abyss. Need help? Call or email us. You’ll receive a timely, personal response from a real person from our team, not an auto-responder.
  • We know your business. We build on-site visits into our implementation process so if you need support, there are people on our team who have stood side-by-side with you and truly understand the unique needs and objectives of your organization.
  • Access to a team of experts. We provide our customers direct contact information for specialists in all system areas: production, accounting, human resources, logistics, and any other module. When you need support, you will talk to an expert in your area.
  • Support to suit your needs. We support single-plant operations to multi-plant organizations around the globe, from the system level to complex IT support such as new wireless network installation or custom-built hardware.

When you need help, Cumulus has you covered. Reach out when you need assistance, we take great pride in working through challenges with you (even the tough ones!)