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Cumulus and Ignition make getting connected to real-time data easier than ever.

Cumulus is a Certified Inductive Automation Integrator with decades of integrations experience.

Today’s enterprises are faced with countless challenges and opportunities as the Internet continues to transform and revolutionize the way business is done. Terms like “connected manufacturing”, “Internet of Things” and “Industry 4.0” have become commonplace language in most leading industrial organizations and the companies that take advantage and harness the power of these technologies will continue to distance themselves from their competitors and be in the best positions to wow their customers and stakeholders.

Now more than ever, everything boils down to a critical need for real-time data and increased visibility into your operations. You can only gain a holistic view of your enterprise with a single, unified version of the truth, and this is only possible with a connected enterprise built with the future in mind.

Building a technology infrastructure that is not only strong, but flexible, requires that we look to the most basic principles of architecture - build on a solid foundation. A growing number of Industrial organization today are switching to Ignition by Inductive Automation as their industrial automation platform to provide that solid and scalable foundation. Ignition is a uniquely scalable SCADA software that can be deployed in many different types of architectures because of it’s modular, web-based, limitless approach.

Cumulus’ integration services leverage the power of Ignition to provide a simple method for users to connect their plant floor IoT using the most advanced and scalable platform available. As a certified Inductive Automation integrator with experience at all levels of the ISA pyramid, Cumulus has developed strategic modules that plug directly into a new or existing Ignition installation. As one of the most popular and widely used SCADA applications in the world, Ignition provides a robust tool set for connecting all of your equipment with PLC capability, as well as your CNC machines, weigh scales, scanners, RFID equipment and other plant floor equipment that you may have, using a single unlimited solution. There is no need for additional 3rd party licensing with this solution, as you’ll find is required with most other solutions available in the market today. In addition to connecting your plant floor, we’ve also created modules that connect ignition directly to your business system, whether you have one or many business systems or applications across your enterprise, Ignition can become the single point of truth for your business.

Connectors include things such as: ERP Systems (PLEX, SAP, etc.), PLM software (Teamcenter, Arena), Point of Sale (Clover, Magento, etc.), CAD/CAM (SigmaNest, Tebis, etc.) and many other widely used applications. The best part is that if a connector does not already exist, Cumulus has the capability and the resources to develop one specific to your needs.

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What Ignition Offers

Web Based Deployment

Web-Based Deployment

Quickly Launch Your SCADA System Across Any Number of Clients. You can manage your entire SCADA system in one central location, and launch clients on individual machines with no direct installation required.

Unlimited Licensing

Unlimited Licensing

Everything You Need for One Affordable Price. Ignition is unlimited, which gives you the freedom to add unlimited clients, screens, tags, connections, and devices.

Security & Stability

Security & Stability

Modern Security Protocols, Protect Your Data. Ignition is built upon industrial-grade security technology with a solid, unified architecture and built-in redundancy. Ignition has proven itself to be more secure and more reliable than traditional HMI / SCADA software.

Real-Time Control & Monitoring

Real-Time Control & Monitoring

Get the Information You Need, When You Need It. Ignition’s real-time status controls and analytics give you the power to quickly analyze and easily display the status of your facility.

Rapid Development

Rapid Development

Spend Less Time Building Your Projects. The Ignition Designer’s object-oriented development environment, rich component library, and data-binding functionality allow you to quickly create powerful, dynamic HMI / SCADA projects that can be fully customized.

Easy Expandability

Easy Expandability

Easily Build Upon Your Success with Hot-Pluggable Modules. Ignition is a modular software platform offering a high degree of customization. All Ignition modules work seamlessly, and never require you to shut down your system to add functionality.

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