Cumulus ERP Optimization Assessment

Cumulus ERP Optimization Assessment

A Cumulus Optimization Assessment could save you many times the investment and fast-track the realization of your project.

As your business grows and changes, so too must the systems you utilize to run and manage the business. Evaluating and determining various ways to optimize your current ERP software’s capabilities is a complex challenge for most organizations. An ERP assessment can prove to be extremely useful for determining if an organization is optimizing their system’s capabilities, but often this alone this is not sufficient and leaves room for significant mistakes or oversights. What is really needed is an independent third-party perspective to help guide your organization through this process. Not just any company either. You need one with not only extensive real-world experience in a number of ERP systems but one that knows software development, systems, and machine integration, optimization and how to get the most out of various ERP systems.

Cumulus Consulting offers extensive hands-on experience in assisting companies with projects at every stage of the implementation lifecycle; from selection to implementation, all the way through to optimization. Our team provides independent consult and practical real-world advice that enables your organization to streamline project realizations.

A Cumulus optimization assessment will help determine whether your organization’s team is equipped with the tools and information it needs to function effectively and find out where and why the organization’s ERP system is failing to meet the business’s needs. Our ERP Assessment will deep dive into different aspects of the organization, such as system integration, quality of received data, use of external systems, budget, and dependence on paper forms and other manual inefficient processes.

We combine decades of actual hands-on experience in running manufacturing companies with technical know-how in ERP design and systems integration to bring a unique perspective to optimizations. We are experts in seeing how an organization utilizes their ERP and we will provide insight into possible opportunities, potential risks, and areas that require improvement that other Accounting or IT consulting firms simply do not comprehend.

A typical Cumulus optimization assessment is a two-day onsite engagement at your facility designed to provide an overall business system and business process assessment – we will look not only at all things ERP, but also look for any potential for machine integration, development opportunities, business process re-engineering, lean manufacturing ideas, etc. At the end of the two days you will be provided a comprehensive assessment and a detailed list of recommendations, reasoning, estimated cost and proposed timing.

We provide all this for a one-time fee of $5,000 plus applicable travel expenses. Once an optimization project is initiated, Cumulus will credit back $2,500 from the cost of the assessment to be applied towards the overall project. (not exceed 50% of the overall cost of the project).

Cumulus’ goal is to help our customers continually improve and extend the return they get from their ERP investment. Optimization and systems usage assessments and recommendations for improving your benefits are at the core of what we do best and what makes Cumulus the ideal extension of your organization.

Contact us today and let us put our experience to work for you. A Cumulus Optimization Assessment could save you many times the cost and fast-track the realization of your project. Call us today!